Alex Megos Bullet Time sur Action Directe

Bullet Time Photography: Alex Megos climbing Action Directe in the Frankenjura, Germany, captured by Lars Scharl.

It’s fitting that one of, if not the, first bullet time shots in climbing is of one of the most iconic moves in the world: the starting dyno on Action Directe in Germany’s Frankenjura. The climber captured with 75 cameras used to generate this matrix-style effect is of course Alex Megos, the man who knows this route better than anyone else and who repeated Wolfgang Güllich’s 1991 masterpiece in just 2 hours back in 2014. Megos dynoed 7 times to achieve this result, while the person behind the lenses that encircled the route is Lars Scharl. His shot, like the climb itself, is groundbreaking.

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